Eurowood offers pine and spruce wood products for fencing, equipping and decorating gardens, plots, terraces, balconies, parks and all kinds of recreational spaces. The company produces, among others: fences, grilles, pergolas, terrazzo boards, ribbed boards, wooden boards, flower pots, podiums, summerhouses, flower pots, wooden constructions under the dimension, garages, patches, rollerborder, scantlings, palisades, construction timber. Products are characterized by high quality and aesthetic values. 

Most of the products go to European markets where they have been recognized for many years, especially in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. Eurowood supplies large distribution centers and network customers.

EUROWOOD wood products are manufactured on the basis of unified elements, which makes it possible to adjust the dimensions of the finished product to the customer's needs. Unification of parts of the product allows the shipment to be dismantled (unfolded).

The company has the ability to handle multiple deliveries at different locations at the same time. Knowledge of languages allows direct contact with customers in different countries.